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My Streatham

At the moment I am working on developing a new brand and website for advertising the best cafes, restaurants, bars, events etc in the Streatham area of London. The brand name is My Streatham and I am using as the domain name for the website.


Following the soaring house prices and so-called gentrification of areas of London like Clapham Common and Balham, naturally nearby Streatham with its beautiful architecture and lengthy high road is rapidly changing too. As the Claphamites find they get far more for their money in Streatham, they are moving in droves and so are the associated new businesses.

Streatham is seeing new cafes, restaurants, bars and shops popping up on an almost weekly basis, but there aren’t any up-to-date organisations out there spreading the word to the people. If you want to visit Streatham but aren’t sure where the best places to visit are, where do you look? That’s where My Streatham comes in.

The Brand

I built the brand by firstly starting with the logo layout and font which I thought represented Streatham’s slightly rugged but trendy nature. A matching Twitter and Instagram logo and cover were also created for brand consistency. To really kick off brand awareness during development of the website, I started the hashtag #mystreatham. It’s short, catchy, relevant to the audience and matches the domain and brand name.

Social Media Marketing in practice

Within one month I have already built over 2600 Instagram followers through instagramming photos I personally took in Streatham and using relevant hashtags. People visiting or from Streatham are now using the hashtag on their photos in Streatham and are generating content for me to use. In return I give them credit every time I feature one of their images and hopefully I am helping to build and foster connections between the Streatham community via #mystreatham.

Although the Twitter account has been much slower to grow, the My Streatham Instagram account is now automatically posting it’s photos as native Twitter media and we have at least 750 followers already. The Facebook page has just been created and is the next step on building up My Streatham across the 3 chosen social media platforms.