Work With Me

I work as a London based freelance internet consultant, specialising in WordPress web design and Social Media Marketing.

Travelling frequently, I’m open to both location dependent and independent work in the UK or abroad. I provide four main services to SMEs and have helped many companies and charities to excel in the online arena. Feel free to take a sneaky look at what I’m currently working on or a couple of completed projects from the past year.

Website Design

In general people form an impression of your brand within the first 6 seconds of landing on your website, so it’s important to get it right from the start. Exceptional web design is engaging and will ensure a positive user experience throughout, eventually leading to an action such as sending an enquiry, making a purchase or a social share. I make and improve websites to complement your brand, to achieve top results and to have high visitor to customer conversion rates.

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Social Media Marketing

My tried and tested social media marketing campaigns will help you reach new customers, become more competitive and establish a reputable brand on the internet. With a case specific combination of Social Media Platforms, we’ll achieve awesome results, not only more quickly but with a better return on investment than traditional forms of marketing.

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Website Support

Websites and their content (text/images/videos) frequently need updating, editing or adding to. Bodge jobs really let a brand down visually, hinder website performance and often create technical problems. Have peace of mind with a WordPress expert working on all of your non-technical and technical website support needs. I’ll make sure that everything is professionally handled for you on a regular basis.

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News, Feature and Blog Copywriting

I write and curate well planned and unique content for use across multiple platforms. With experience writing blog articles within a number of different industries and with expertise in digital marketing, I am able to create articles which will directly benefit search engine optimisation or compliment a content marketing strategy.

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If you’re not sure which service is best suited to your business then send me a message with your enquiry or we can meet up over coffee and agree on a clear roadmap going forward. I can’t wait to hear from you!