Business Traveler USA


Business Traveler USA


A client of mine who I've been working with for over a year, approached me with an ambitious plan to relaunch a magazine called Business Traveler USA. Their existing site along with 13,000 articles had been lost and so they took the opportunity to start again stronger. We recovered the articles and imported them into WordPress, along with authors, categories and tags.

Then using a design supplied to me in AdobeXD, I built a pixel perfect front-end to the site, allowing these articles to be displayed in various flexible modules on organised hub pages full of content. On each hub page the client has the ability choose which modules they want to use and then either handpick the articles to display in the module or automatically feed them in from a category or tag.

TV Shows can be embedded into their own video articles as well magainzes embedded using an animated PDF viewer. One of the really cool features is that when you reach the end of an article, it automatically loads in the next articles so you can just continue to scroll without having to click away.

This websites was a mammoth of a WordPress website and with so much content, really puts WordPress through its paces - it's exactly what WordPress was originally built for.

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Flexible and dynamic modules
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