Imagine all you needed was a holding page site, whilst you build a business from the ground up. Diligenc Holdings LLP got in touch with me asking for exactly that for their cannabis investment company.

I was provided with some copy, logo and a marketing brochure and the rest was up to me. So I made a straightforward, brand-oriented and clean looking company holding page in WordPress - so it had the option to easily scale it up in the future as the company grows.

I sourced the images from Unsplash where they’re available to use for free. Thanks Unsplash. I used a font detection tool to create a design file for the logo as all they had was a small JPG, allowing me to make everything crisp on retina screens.

The site was first designed in Figma, where the client was able to view the variations I created, feedback and choose their favourite parts. Before I then put everything together in a WordPress site in a really short timeframe.

It's a good example of what can be done with a small budget, limited assets and next to no time, for a lean startup. I also host the website for the client and provide them with adhoc support when needed.

Clean landing page
Creative splashes
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