Ethiopian Airlines


Ethiopian Airlines


I was asked to develop this colourful WordPress website to replace Ethiopian Airline’s rather drab existing site, for their onboard magazine called Selamta.

I was supplied with an AdobeXD design and built a pixel perfect replica of the site with a bespoke WordPress backend. The site is vibrant, well organised and flexible. It allows the user to easily add and organise content in the CMS, build pages and articles using modules, customise images, text styles etc. all in an intuitive way.

It also has convenient ad spaces in the header, hero, sidebar as well as a module in the article body space which allows for ads to be displayed directly from Google Ad Manager. Ads can also be populated using a script provided by common advertising platforms, or a simple image and link directly in the space.

This is my first site for an international airliner. I particularly enjoy the colourful nature of this site as well as its simplicity, it's not trying to do too much and as a magazine style site nor does it need to.

Vibrant hero section
Flexible article templates
Organised and dynamic content
Various content types