Following the successful creation of in collaboration with Future Strategy Club, I also went on to build the WordPress website for the same end client NTT Data based out in Japan. A multi-billion dollar company, NTT had amazing reasearch and development intelligence to share, they just needed a website to present it to the world.

I set the site up with a flexible modular system and various custom post types such as articles, videos and podcasts. Our aim was to create an MVP site and build it up over time as the magazine scales from its first launch in July 2022.

One of my favourite things about this site, although not that you can tell from the frontend, is the way pages can be easily created using a flexible system of ‘modules’ or blocks (for normal people). These can be added, removed, reordered and customised to create unique pages full of rich content – but always within the constraints of the brand and design.

This gives the editors the ability to create pages themselves and all without any technical or coding knowledge needed.

Really excited to see this site grow and develop over time!

Video hero section
Flexible and dynamic modules
YouTube and Vimeo video embeds
Hero modules and signposts