Ink Studio


Ink Studio is the creative arm to the international Travel Media company Ink Global. WIth a design created in-house and supplied to me in AdobeXD, I built a pixel perfect replica within a WordPress website. Then animating the site as the the user scrolls and interacts with its elements.

The main hero video of the site may look straightforward, however, it was anything but. I had to create this hero so that there was a short looping version of the video, which then changed over to a full version of the video on click. This had to then be done for mobile, so there is the portrait version of bothvideos in place as well. All of this along with them being embedded from Vimeo as to maintain a good performance and with a custom animated play button... you'd never know so much went into just this section.

Many of the other sections of the site are full screen pages which snap into place on scroll, with a custom cursor to help point the user in the right direction for navigating up/down the page.

A really enjoyable site with a nice and clean, yet creative feel.

Vimeo video background hero
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