Our Manner


Manner are a property development company based in the UK. Working with the Office Of Overview, we designed and built this startup website to showcase some of the awesome graphical plans and drawings which represent the client.

On the home page, there are layers of plans, people and other graphics which all move at different speeds on scroll, something we call parallax. Also as you scroll down the website, numbers built into some of the plans start to animate.

On the about page you'll find standard architectural drawings which come to life with colour, as you scroll down the page. We didn't want users to scroll too quickly through each section so they can appreciated the change which represents the client's developments coming to life.

For a fast turn around site with limited available content, this is a small but mighty bespoke WordPress website for the client to get started with. Excited to see what happens in the next phase.

Animated parallax layers
Colour changing sections