Switchback got in touch back in 2016 asking for a website re-design; they already had a WordPress website, however, it had been built in-house and just needed a complete makeover. The charity had a cool brand to work with, so I took the time to detail the website with their colours, fonts, imagery and tone of voice wherever possible – really adding to the brand-oriented feel of the site.

I then integrated the website with their Salesforce CRM, pulling in data from the various forms around the site and removing this previously manual process. It was also integrated with Mailchimp, in a custom setup which uses the functionality of Mailchimp but the practicality of the CRM, with a tool called Zapier as a middle man - I won't go into it will send you to sleep.

I also set up an SEO tool which allows the charity to analyse pages, add meta titles and descriptions, and keep all new content optimised as it’s added to the site. This has meant Switchback’s traffic has been steadily growing month on month since I started supporting them.

To this day I still provide Switchback with web hosting, technical support and sometimes content support with the website, enabling them to keep this key touchpoint in great order.

Impactful content sections
Integration with Mailchimp
Menu scrolling pages
Image led sections