The Physios


The Physios found me through Google not just after the Corona Virus first hit the scene - they finally had the downtime to replace their dated website. They had tonnes of great content but it was buried deep down in the site and overall it was difficult to navigate and find information about services. We had to start from scratch to UX, design and build the site from the bottom up.

I brought onboard an award winning designer I had previously worked with on many projects, both a friend and colleague, and we undertook a full UX review to get things started. We then had a kickoff meeting with the client to discuss the brand, their goals, the business, competition and get inspired, before embarking on the journey of designing, building and animating this completely bespoke WordPress website.

Being in a classy Georgian building, with a colourful interior colour scheme, we married the two up and the outcome was superb, if I do say so myself. We used the colour in each room of the building to match up with the pages of the website, and even created them new signage for the front of the building.

The resulting site allows visitors to easily find useful blog content, guides, conditions, treatments and videos. It also has a password protected section for content which first needs to be approved by a member of staff before being supplied to a visitor.

We are now about to embark on a second phase project on this site, learning from the analytics on the site, how the business has re-shaped since everything opened after the Corona Virus miraculously disappeared, and bring in even more useable features for the user such as a body map.

I hope you like the site.

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