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WordPress website design

I design and build bespoke and best-in-class WordPress websites from the ground up. Knowing how to build sites in WordPress gives me a competitive edge when it comes to design, as it means I'm able to design sites which I know from experience will make the most of and run smoothly on the WordPress content management system. Streamlining the process of taking designs and developing them into the finished website.

I start the process with a kick-off meeting, where we chat, share screens, spy on competitors, look as inspirational sites, research functionality and mostly, I LISTEN to your needs and desires for your new site. Now I understand the big picture, I'm able to start the journey of translating all of this into website designs.

As part of the design process I also take into account the design of the backend of the site and how that can be organised to meet your content management needs. Other aspects and considerations I make as part of the design process include...

User-experience design

Clean and well organised website designs which are a pleasure for the user, allowing them to achieve what they set out to do with as little effort as possible. The idea is to not make the user have to think, by making the site as intuitive and helpful as possible.


Whether your primary focus is a website designed for mobile, or for desktop, I design websites to operate effectively on all devices , screen sizes and browsers.


Whether it's some parallax scrolling, a custom cursor, change on hover or some super complicated WebGL 3D animation, these animated extras are no afterthought, they're really important for enhancing the user-experience.

Website design refresh

Often my clients already have a site and instead of reinventing the wheel, they simply need a refresh - also known as a reskin. As part of the reskin process, I audit your existing site and find it's positives, negatives and use Google Analytics to help with data-led decision making.

Things brings about meaningful change to your website, brings it up to date and leads to a much improved user-experience.

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