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I provide on-page Search Engine Optimisation services for WordPress and Webflow websites i.e. SEO for your website itself but not writing and posting articles elsewhere like off-site SEO. Proper onsite SEO is a is usually carried out all at once and is not something you need to pay a monthly fee for despite what SEO agencies try to rope you into.

When I carry out SEO for a site, I set up default meta tags which will instantly ensure all pages and articles have a solid foundation. I can also carry out keyword research and write custom meta tags for all of those top priority pages too.

Website performance is one of those factors which almost nobody seems to realise is important when it comes to SEO - but it's one of the most important. Google's Core Web Vitals makes it sounds really complicated calling some of these performance factors: Cumulative Layout Shift, First Contentful Paint and Largest Contentful paint - but they really don't need to be.

Think of performance this way... how quickly the site loads and how many things move about without the user clicking something or wanting them to move. And these are all things I've done time and time again to get websites who are ranking in the 20s to 100.

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