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User-experience design

A WordPress website is about much more than the glossy finished surface. A lot of thinking and informed decision making goes into its DNA and evolution.

I think of UX and UI design as the strategic backbone of a website, helping to deliver the experience your visitors expect from a forward-thinking organisation.

Every solution which I deliver is user-centric, whilst always bearing in mind the overarching goals of the organisation. Ultimately, great UX meets the ends of both.

User-experiences design tasks include...


Looking at how users are curating flowing through the site, what pages work well and which don't.

UX audits

Auditing the site to find improvements in the user-experience and feeding those into a prioritised list of tasks to complete.


Planning out actual journeys, from page to page, for the various users of the site.


Creating animated prototypes in Figma, allowing us to trial out changes before implementing them.


Drawing up new wireframes for pages of the site.

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