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WordPress Website Audits and Auditing Services

Your website really is the most crucial marketing tool that you have and all too often businesses want them to perform better but don't know where to start. The website should be helping to achieve business goals, provide a positive user experience to visitors and position the brand in the best light posible.

If you’re a brand with an existing or work-in-progress WordPress website that needs some professional attention, I'm able to identify room for improvement by looking at the business goals, design and technical factors underpinning the website.

Often new client relationships start out with an audit and it makes complete sense when you think about it. Audits help to give you an idea of where your website is currently at (from an independent, fresh faced and experienced user), where it could be in the future and ultimately how to get there. After connecting the dots I can then carry out the work needed to rectify issues highlighted by the audit.

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