WordPress and Plugin Updates

WordPress Website and Plugin Updates and Maintenance

If your website runs on WordPress, your website relies entirely on the WordPress content management system to function each day. Whenever WordPress releases an update they patch security flaws, fix bugs and add new features and essentially evolve the very foundation running your site. Therefore leaving your website with pending WordPress or plugin updates means your site is missing out on these potential benefits which they provide.

The annoying thing is that sometimes when WordPress or a plugin is updated, something can break as a result of it - and this can be for a number of complex reasons. I first take a backup of your site, then set up a separate copy of the site which is disconnected from the live one, called a Staging Site, and carry out the updates there. If all goes well then I carry out the same process on the live site, however, if something goes wrong I first resolve it on the staging site before anything is changed on live.

Many website owners have experienced downtime as a result of carrying out updates themselves in-house and as result they leave everything at risk by not doing them at all. My technique ensures your website goes through a streamlined update process with minimal risk or downtime. So there really is no excuse anymore to leave your WordPress website insecure and out of dat - just leave it to me to take care of.

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