WordPress Website Optimisation

WordPress Website Optimisation for Speed, Performance and Core Vitals

We all know how frustrating it can be when a website is taking ages to load and what we're lead to think about the brand when a website doesn't appear on page one of Google. Visitors ultimately form an impression of your brand based on the user experience and performance of your website.

Websites can be specially optimised for speed, making the site as a whole as well as pages load quickly and to improve searchability. As well as generally providing a better user experience, a website's performance, especially loading speed, hugely affects it's how well it does in Google search results, as a huge part of SEO involves improving the performance of the site.

My optimisation services are for those clients who want to run an enterprise-level WordPress website and ensure they have covered everything a top-tier website requires to be at its best for its users as well as its marketing team.

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