Frequently & not so frequently asked questions

General stuff

Do you offer other design services?

As I'm not a graphic designer, I personally stick to websites. However, I do work with a number of designers, some of whom are internationally awarded, and can supply other specialist design services when a good fit presents itself. If you're interested in the design of branding, HTML email templates and all of those good things, please get in touch.

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Will you work outside of London?

Yes. I work with clients all over the UK and am supported by a worldwide team - the internet has no borders. In addition to this, I have also worked with the UK arm of international companies and travelled internationally for meetings.

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How long does it take to build a WordPress website?

This is a difficult question to answer as every project is different. Different in terms of budgets, complexity of requirements, creativeness of the design, how fast the client is able to feedback and collaborate, etc. However, as a rough guide for your average WordPress project, I would allow 2 weeks for design and 4-6 weeks for development. Usually, a standard WordPress design and development project would be around 6 weeks in total.

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Do you offer white label WordPress web development services?

As part of my agency WordPress development service, I'm able to provide services as part of your team or separately but with your name stamped on the product. So in that sense yes I do offer a white label WordPress development and web design service. I'll build the site in the background and you can take all the credit for it.

Technical stuff

Do you only work with WordPress?

I specialise in websites that run on the WordPress content management system, however, I’m also confident and have worked with Webflow, Drupal, Umbraco and various bespoke website setups.

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Can you create staging sites and deploy website to live?

Of course. I can sort out everything from your web hosting environment, domain names and all the techy stuff. Just leave it to me.

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Can you host our WordPress website?

It's most likely I can - unless you're some kind of mega-corporation with complex needs. I offer UK based, secure, fast and reliable hosting for websites with a UK focused audience. With servers in the same country as your audience, they appreciate the super quick loading speeds.

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Can you help us to manage our hosting?

It's most likely I can yes. If you already hacve a hosting account for your website and you're happy with it, but you need somebody who can help you to manage it... that's fine by me. I would just need suitable administrator access to the account.

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Can you help with domain names?

Yes, I can help you with domain management and renewal. If you need the domain to be transferred from one registrar e.g. GoDaddy or Squarespace to another, I can help you with that. If you want to repoint your domain names or update the DNS records, I can also sort that out too.

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Other stuff

Can I get a quote for a project?

Yes – please feel free to request a quote. We can agree on an hourly, daily or one-off priced project. My pricing is completely transparent upfront and straightforward.

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Do you offer website support/maintenance retainers?

I do offer a formal arrangement or retainer for website support services. I aim to make it simple for both my clients and me, there is only a one month notice period and flexible payment options.

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Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

I often sign NDAs for clients - if you require an agreement such as this please get in touch.

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How do I refer a potential new client to you?

Word of mouth is what has kept me in business since 2011. I'm extremely grateful to those who recommend my services. I offer a free hour of support time when you successfully refer a new client to me. I also make connections between my clients and suppliers.

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