Content Entry

I both add and edit content, pages and articles for your WordPress website.
WordPress Website Content Entry for Pages, Articles and SEO

WordPress website content entry and updates

It can often be a monotonous task, however, every website has to go through a content entry process when first created or when being refreshed, as well as content added to it and updated over time. Entering content into a website sounds easy but you need to know your way around WordPress to do it well. 

Copy and pasting text into the CMS can often cause issues, especially when pasting from a Word document or PDF, which can include random code and breaks text up leading to unexpected results. In addition to text, images being the wrong size or file sizes too large can cause a plethora of issues. 

So whilst content entry sounds simple, there's a lot more to it than you'd first think.

Types of content

Content entry could include adding text, images, documents, links and videos to existing pages, building new pages altogether, adding articles and more. 

Time efficiency

Knowing WordPress website like the back of my hand, I can manage the content entry process for you in a time-efficient and therefore cost-effective way, leaving you to get on with your business as usual. 

Editing tools

I have Photoshop to edit images, text cleaning tools to remove the fluff related to copy and pasting from documents, document and video size optimisation tools and more.

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