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I improve the speed, search engine discoverability and user-experience for top-tier WordPress websites.
WordPress Website Optimisation for Speed, Performance & Core Vitals

Performance optimisation for WordPress websites

We all know how frustrating it can be when a website is taking ages to load and what we're led to think about the brand their website doesn't appear on the first page of Google. Visitors ultimately form an impression of your brand based on their experience with your shopfront, which is usually your website, and performance is a big part of that experience. My optimisation services are for those clients who want to run an enterprise-level WordPress website and ensure they have covered everything a top-tier website requires to perform at its best.

Loading speed

WordPress websites can be specially optimised for performance to improve the loading speed of the site in general, as well as specific pages, the submissions of forms, the purchase of products and so on.

Google PageSpeed insights

As well as generally providing a better user experience a website's performance, especially in terms of loading speed, hugely affects how well it does in Google search results, because this is a huge factor which Google takes into consideration. 


Optimising your website for people with disabilities or impairments is not only a fair thing to do, but also feeds into your Google PageSpeed score as well as search engine optimisation. Large corporations especially should be making sure they're not excluding people with disabilities from using their website and accessing the information they need to.

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