UX Design

I restructure websites around the user and their journey thorough your website, making decisions based on data and experience.
WordPress Website User-Experience Design UX

User-experience design for WordPress websites

A WordPress website is about much more than the surface level design, a lot of thinking and informed decision making goes into its DNA and evolution over time. I think of UX and UI design as the strategic backbone of a website, helping to deliver the experience your visitors expect from a forward-thinking organisation. So as the needs of your customers change, so should your website and how they experience it.


Every solution which I deliver is user-centric and thus our primary focus is the needs of the user, however, we must also simultaneously consider the overarching goals of the business and what the objectives the website should be trying to achieve. Ultimately, great UX meets the needs of both the customer and the business.

Types of UX

I can help to design or optimise the user-flow and journey through the website using diagrams, wireframes, sitemaps and much more.

Data driven

I use data from Google Analytics as well as from directly users themselves in the form of feedback, to help inform the decision making process when it comes to UX design of the website.

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