The Zahid Mubarek Trust


The Zahid Mubarek Trust


The ZMT got in touch with me after seeing the Switchback charity website I had created and wanting something equally as impactful. With the serious nature of the Trust, it was important for me to present the brand and content in a serious, hard-hitting way, however, also add splashes of colour from their brand where possible.

They have a large amount of content and resources to present on the site, so organising all of this into a content architecture that would work in terms of SEO as well as usability for the charity staff as well as visitors was a challenge.

We created updatable graphs to show statistics, interactive maps with popups, as well as content types including reports, articles, publications, etc. all under one roof.

The collaborative process I went through with the client meant we were able to start from scratch and deliver a fully scalable and comprehensive WordPress site in a matter of weeks and on a charity sized budget.

Traditional charity sections
Animated statistics
Interactive map
Downloadable content