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Fixing and improving the CapX WordPress website

CapX approached me based on a recommendation from a client the Centre For Policy Studies and asked me to help fix, secure and make improvements to their WordPress website.
2 weeks

A content rich WordPress website which is easy to use

After I undertook a project for the Centre For Policy Studies based in Westminster, I was introduced to CapX. Their site was only a couple of years old but needed a re-jig in places, therefore instead of a completely new design (as their previous agency had suggested, at a ridiculous cost) I suggested refreshing what they already had. It needed a bit of a UX overhaul and some refinements, but it had good bones to work with.


An improved UX and well maintained website

I designed and developed a new footer, article hero section, floating social media share panel, podcasts block, as well as made tonnes of functional and visual improvements. With a site that received as much traffic as this one, an astonishing amount, it was followed up by performance and security enhancements too. I had to completely rebuild the forms from their old system to a new, more modern and secure version.

The search on the site had not been working properly and they also had some specific logic they wanted it to follow, so I revamped the search function – increasing dwell time on the site and improving visitors’ ability to find content they’re interested in.

We also added a new newsletter sign up form section to articles, as well as a popup on the home page and gated popup on articles, which as significantly increased their numbers of newsletter sign ups.

Since then I’ve provided website support, helping them to acquire domains, manage their web hosting and carry out maintenance. A great client to work with!


Lewis was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is responsive, professional and a really nice guy - I would recommend him without hesitation for any website work you might have.

John Ashmore
Editor at CapX
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