easyJet Traveller

An advanced, modular and content-filled WordPress travel inspiration website.

Re-platforming the easyJet Traveller website from a bespoke CMS to WordPress.

The original site was built by an agency who used their own bespoke CMS for the backend, which came with its limitations. In order to regain control and be able to further develop the site into the future, the client got in touch with me to completely rebuild the site from scratch in WordPress.
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8 weeks

Migrate a website from a bespoke CMS to a fully customisable WordPress site

The original website, developed within a custom CMS, limited the client's flexibility with their site and tied them to a single agency for development into the future. Some might say the website was in a way held captive.

So the client got in touch with me asking to rebuild the site into an entirely standalone WordPress site, giving them full control over their site moving forward, as well as opening the door to more advanced design and development opportunities which WordPress allows for.

It was requested that the revamped site had a comprehensive array of features to assist with effortless content creation of articles, landing pages, taxonomy pages and advertising. Additionally, the site was to incorporate newly designed advertising features, integration of sponsored content, sidebar banners and so on, to provide more opportunities for revenue creation on the site.


A super customisable, modular and scalable WordPress website fit for an airline

It allows for pages to be built modularly with 10+ flexible modules to choose from, enabling each page to be built with only the hand selected modules needed for its unique content needs. Each module can be customised with colours, layouts and content selection; as well as reordered and duplicated as needed. They also allow the content editors to select indiviudal articles to display or pull in a particular category or grouping of articles automatically.

The resulting website has all of the organisation and control a site of this scale needs, to make adding content and editing pages into the future a complete breeze. The improved advertising opptortunities on the site also enable the client to create uniquely branded articles, as well as place targeted advertising around the site at an indivudal as well as global level.

The resulting website is a much improved and super-powered WordPress backed site. For me it has been one of the most comprehensive, sofistocated and dynamic backends of a site I've ever had to build in WordPress. It's an absolute powerhouse able to cope with thousands of articles with different countries, cities, inspirational categories, tags and other ways to group content and signpost relevant content.

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