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Design refresh, WordPress development and regular support for London Bankside's business and events directory.
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Better Bankside
2 weeks

Design, development and site support for London Bankside's WordPress website

Help to refresh the frontend and rebuild the backend of their consumer-facing directory site, for all things Bankside including events, news, things to do, places to eat and stay in this iconic area of central London.

To modernise the website and make it easier to find great content

The website was already running in WordPress, however, the way it had been set up by their previous agency was not scalable nor suitable for modern WordPress development.

We needed to make the website more flexible so the client could pick and choose which modules they would like to use on each page and listing, in order to tailor each page to the content available.

Also the backend of the site was bloated and disorganised, therefore also needed to be rebuilt in a much more organised and easier to manage way.


A modular and more impactful WordPress website

We made various functional enhancements, fixes and efficiencies throughout the website. Notable improvements included the addition of a search function and filters to the listing pages, as well as the conversion to a modular layout system. Furthermore, we completed a redesign project to align the site with a year-long campaign and new branding for the area.

The incorporation of moving GIF images and video backgrounds injected a dynamic and lively atmosphere into the site. Moreover, the site's color scheme, currently blue, can be easily modified to suit the client's needs, such as changing it to suit the look and feel of each new campaign launched; all accomplished within the content management system (CMS).

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