A clean and brand-oriented WordPress website for a law firm.
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Seladore Legal
4 weeks

Designing and developing a new WordPress website to better represent the law firm.

My client Seladore Legal already had a website but it was old, tired and not as good as it could be. So they came to me asking for a complete re-design and build, to better represent the brand and company.

A clean and straightforward website

The previous website was inconsistent with the brand, poorly laid out and appeared to have been made in-house; or at least not by a professional. After reading through Seladore's brief, looking at their competitors and also taking on board all of the sites they found for inspiration, I designed a new site for them in Figma. The website, like most law firms, had to be very clean and simple rather than overly creative and conceptual.


A clean, consistent and professional WordPress website

The WordPress website we created does everything a law firm needs to do effectively. It shows off the prestigious team of lawyers, each with their own bio page. It lists out the services and provides an overview of each one, whilst keeping the user moving around the site by signposting to the news page wherever possible. There is also now a site wide search, to help users find specific solicitors, services or articles with ease. Overall, this is a straightforward, professional style site which now feels like it's consistently branded with Seladore's colours and vibe.

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