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A streamlined, modular and brand-oriented WordPress website for a global travel magazine.
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Business Traveler USA
6 weeks

Rebuilding a WordPress website for travel magazine Business Traveler USA

My client Ink Global had designed a new website for Business Traveler USA and as their Development Partner I turned it into a WordPress website, only after I had recovered many thousands of articles from their previous site.

A modular WordPress website with thousands of articles

Their existing site along with over 13k articles had been lost by a previous agency the client worked with and so they took the opportunity to start again, but this time stronger. The old website was dated and no longer fit for purpose anyway, so we started from scratch with the redesign and development of this WordPress website. There was the additional challenge of trying to recover all the article data and pull it into the new site using an automatic process, to avoid the loss or at best manual input of these articles.


The result was a powerhouse blog-style WordPress site

I recovered the articles and imported them into WordPress, along with authors, categories, tags and images. Using a design supplied in AdobeXD, I built a pixel perfect front-end to the website, allowing these articles to be displayed in various flexible modules on organised hub pages full of content.

A separate content type for TV Shows can now be embedded into shows, as well magainzes embedded into pages using an animated PDF viewer. One of the really cool features is that when you reach the end of an article, it automatically loads in the next articles so you can just continue to scroll without having to click away from the page.

The website created has a layout which is well-organised and flexible, allowing users to add and organise different types of content such as magazine issues, articles and videos in the CMS with ease. Using various modules, users can flexibly build pages and articles, customize layouts and styles intuitively within each module.

The website also features convenient ad spaces in various places, as well as a module which can be placed in the articles that will display as directly from Google Ad Manager. This has allowed the client to offer even more effective and targeted advertising for its customers.

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