Working with the Office of Overview who designed the Butchies site, I helped them to re-skin and develop it within their existing non-WordPress CRM called Kirby - I'm not just a one-trick ponie! As you’ve probably already guessed, I specialise in WordPress websites, however, I can actually work on almost any website. I created 17 shopping centre website in one mega project back in 2019 and these were in a CMS called Drupal.

Once I reskinned the site with a pixel-perfect web based version of the designs supplied in Adobe Illustrator by the designer, I was then asked to connect up the form on the site to the end client's CRM and till system. This would allow sign ups to automatically flow into the CRM with data about their local store, date of birth, etc. allowing Butchies to share promotional codes for specific stores automatically after sign up and those codes would work with the til system.

We plan on re-platforming Butchies in the future, moving them from the Kirby CMS to WordPress. I can’t wait to see how this one develops as it become the best fried chicken chain website around.

Connection to POS
Google Maps store locator
Overlapping layers
Integration with CRM