Working with the Future Strategy Club, I built the CXO WordPress site from the ground up.

I took the site from its original Squarespace CMS, a fresh new design supplied by the Future Strategy Club and built it into a powerhouse bespoke WordPress site. It's equipped with a flexible modular system for building pages and various custom post types such as articles, videos, podcasts, issues, authors etc.

Our aim was to create a site where the user could stick around consuming and easily discovering more and more content which is relevant to them. Whilst also enabling the content editors to build their own pages and efficiently add new content to the site each time a magazine issue is published.

One of my favourite things about this site, although not you can tell from the frontend, is the way pages can be created using the flexible system of ‘modules’ or blocks (for normal people). These can be added, removed, reordered and customised precisely, to create unique pages full of rich content – but always within the constraints of the brand and design.

Because of the dynamic set up, when adding modules to pages the content editors can easily handpick the articles, videos or podcasts which they want to display in each module, or select categories of content and the modules pull everything in from there. This has meant the time to set up new pages, publish new issues of the magazine and topics has been made much more efficient, as well as the empowering the content editors to build pages with related content.

Around the site you’ll notice a cool keyword search feature, subtopic tags which can be clicked to find similar content, embedded Soundcloud podcasts, embedded videos, moving GIF images, author/contributor pages with their own published content and more. I hope you like it!

Animated hero section
Flexible and dynamic modules
Embeddable content
Organised blog articles, videos and podcasts